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….Itty Bitty Living Space!

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The Genie might not have been down with it, but The Tiny House Movement is a thing. A few years back it was generally considered to be for hippies and lonely cat ladies (No, it’s not that I haven’t found … Continue reading

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The Come-and-Go Gift

So imagine someone hands you a gift in shiny paper. You tear it open and it’s amazing. You hold it and touch it and play with it. You can’t imagine life before, or anything ever being better. Then, it vanishes. … Continue reading

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Well, bugger.  I’ve been fortunate to walk the Brazilian cherry wood floors of some beautiful homes lately that are on the market…and I mean bee-u-tee-ful. Open. Spacious. Spacious enough, in fact, that I think my entire little cottage could fit … Continue reading

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Four Walls and Soul

 I love houses. I love homes.  Architecture geek that I am, driving around Anacortes and trying to figure out where neighborhoods begin and end based on the architecture is what I call a good time. Riding with me means pulling on off the … Continue reading

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Respectful Complications

It’s not enough to teach our children to be respectful. They must also be taught to recognize when they are being treated with respect, when they are not, and that they are worthy of it. Continue reading

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10,000 Miles

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I picked up my guitar this morning to run through a few songs.  It didn’t go according to my cunning plan. Grief is a strange thing. It can be manipulated, ignored, felt, pressed down. Grief can devastate, inspire, comfort, and … Continue reading

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Ego + Parenting = :(

I contend that ego and parenting don’t mix. Bear is not an extension of me.  He is entirely his own being, and has been since the first slug to the uterine wall.  In no way do I feel that he … Continue reading

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