Well, bugger. 

I’ve been fortunate to walk the Brazilian cherry wood floors of some beautiful homes lately that are on the market…and I mean bee-u-tee-ful. Open. Spacious. Spacious enough, in fact, that I think my entire little cottage could fit into some of the master suites, laundry rooms as big as my kitchen. The architecture and the consideration of detail in these homes are pretty amazing. 

And so, I find myself “Frankenhousing” – yes, exactly what it sounds like. Mentally piecing together all my favorite parts of each home into the one perfect home.  This kitchen, that bathroom, the layout of that living space.  I have to tell you, the Frankenhouse is pretty spectacular. 

Where would I put it? Sheesh. Whole other issue. Our current location is Ideal – with the capital “I”.  We can walk to anything in town, we are near the water, and it’s remarkably quiet.  So I am frankenhousing this house now, and I will tell you, it’s making my head hurt.  What would it take to make this one the perfect cottage? 

And there it is. What is it in human nature that makes us feel unsatisfied? Wanting constant change and at the same time we want peace and continuity.  It’s a balance I haven’t quite mastered, though I practice every day.  (I know how Luke Skywalker felt with Yoda saying “Never his mind on where he is” – yeah yeah… I get it weird little green fella.)

There is a difference between contentment and stagnation, though. A person can grow from a place of contentment, but stagnation is just dropping into the quicksand without a fight.

Contentment comes from days like we had last week. The wind blowing like crazy, things hitting the side of the house, rain clawing at the window….and none of it got in. I sat on the hand-me-down couch – by far the most comfortable couch we have ever owned – with a cup of tea, an ungrateful cat, and a small warm dog. The home is solid, and not so much as a creak.  She stood her ground and kept us safe and warm. What more can you ask of a home?

Maybe we’ll stay, and she’ll grow with us.  I have no idea. I do know that I will focus on the fact that our family has a place to play and snuggle and from where we can launch our many adventures. We can grow here. 

 I’m still going to Frankenhouse –  can’t help myself – and maybe with just a little more patience and practice I’ll get that balance thing figured out. 






About Elizabeth Bishop

Not quite wise enough yet to not yell under the avalanche.
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3 Responses to Frankenhouse

  1. Oh man can I resonate…. I have been Frenkenhousing myself. Again, your writing kicks butt.

  2. Sweet Girl, I love your words. Balance can only be achieved in fleeting moments. You must be willing to fall before you can find the freedom to balance. I join you in the sweet tension of wanting what you have and pressing for the next thrill of excellence.

  3. youknowwho says:

    Quite the talented writer. Your cadence pulls the reader along while your imagery keeps them involved. Well done. Frankenhouse indeed. Let us win many lotteries so that we may build our dream homes.

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